Being an extensions focused salon, we work with every method available so we can offer a customized approach for our clients. For the girl who wants hair without the commitment, Hidden Crown Hair Extensions are one of our favorite brands to work with at Bigger Better Hair.

We love Hidden Crown Hair Extensions because they have so many options which give us the tools to create any look you want! From adding volume, to adding length, and even ponytail and toppers! Below we will outline some of the offerings from Hidden Crown Hair Extensions, but always feel free to reach out for a complimentary consultation with a stylist who can show you each of the options and make the perfect color match for you.

After your consultation, if you decide to move forward we place the order for your extensions and we schedule a follow-up customization & tutorial appointment where one of our extension specialists sizes, cuts and blends the extensions into your own hair so it is a beautiful match. Then our stylists show you tips and tricks so you are 100% confident in how to wear your new extensions!

Hidden Crown Original Halo: Double Drawn

Lengths: 12”, 16”, 20”

Pricing: $275, $299, $350

This one-length piece adds fullness and can be customized with any cut. Goes on and off easily and can be styled with heat for any look. This is the original Hidden Crown, which features double drawn hair: meaning every hair is the same length root to tip. This gives your stylists ultimate creativity to blend into your natural hair with a perfect haircut.

Hidden Crown DayDream Halo – Naturally Tapered Ends

Lengths: 14”, 18”

Pricing: $199, $249+tax

The Daydream option is great for clients wanting to add volume and fullness, it is created with tapered-ends for a soft and natural look.

Layered Halo

Lengths: 18”, 22”

Pricing: $395, $445

This piece comes with built-in pre-cut layers for any client that has short hair and wanting to add a noticeably amount of length, can also be customized by a stylist to blend perfectly.

Balayage Halo: Layered Fullness + Root Shaded

Lengths: 18” and 22”

Pricing: $475-$525+tax

The Balayage Halo comes in the same length and densities as the layered option, but these feature a root shade and lighter ends. This is perfect for someone who has darker roots and lighter ends so it keeps the weft nice and discreet.

Crown Topper: Top of the head clip in extensions

Length: 16”

Pricing: $450

Lightweight one-piece topper with a breathable mesh, this extension is a great solution for women with existing hair loss or if you just want to add some volume and length at the top of your head throughout your length.

Ponytail: Clip in Option for Quick Ponytails

Length: 18”

Pricing: $199

This easy to use wrap around piece instantly adds length and volume to any ponytail style, layered design

Clip-in Extensions:

Length: 14”,16”,18”,20”,22”

Pricing: $149, $199, $249, $299, $329

Clip-in sets will provide ultimate volume and add thickness with a seamless blend to your existing hair, each set includes:

  • One 7.5” Volumizer with 3 clips Double Drawn Hair
  • Two 5” side pieces with 3 clips

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