Looking for Clip-in Bangs online?  These clip-in bangs are a great temporary hair extensions option for someone looking for human hair clip-in extensions.  If you’re interested in a high quality option for changing up your style, or adding fullness to your fine hair fringe, these bangs are a great option.


Sometimes cutting bangs can be extremely scary since the risk of a bad or awkward growing out is always on everyone’s mind.   Also, sometimes it’s just fun to change up your style without any commitment.  With clip-in bangs, you get the best of both worlds.  You get the bangs to change up your style, and you don’t have to worry about any awkward growing out of your own natural hair.


Since these clip-in bangs are high quality human hair, these bangs can be washed, cut, and styled into your desired look.  They can also be colored if you need custom coloring.  If the bangs need to be colored, we suggest you order the color closest to yours,  then taking them to your professional stylist for exact coloring.


These bangs come somewhat shaped, but they are meant to be customized with a cut that makes them blend into your style perfectly.  As is true with all temporary hair extensions, they always need customizing so they seamlessly blend into your own hair.



  Base size: Front to back 2” x Side to side 4”

Hair Length: 10”-12”

Clips: 3

100% Human Hair

Color Options




Price: $190