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The 2015 grammy awards didn’t dissapoint this year! There were many good looks, and some that left us shaking our heads wondering “why?!” Check out my following contenders for the “Best & Worst Grammy Hair Awards 2015”


The Winners: 2015 Best Grammy Hair

For starters, the Lob haircut seems to be gaining traction among starlets like Taylor Swift. More and more are choosing to chop their locks, and sport this fun/spunky style. What I love: even with the shorter locks, they all seem to be using hair extensions to get maximum volume in their style.


Arianna Grande is a huge fan of her clip-in ponytail extensions. After her few month hiatus from the ponytail, it’s nice to see it back again!


Beyonce‘s long, beachy wavy hair is incredibly beautiful!  This is one of my favorite looks from her lately.  Long, sultry, but not her usual maxed out voluminous style!  (Which, by the way, I also am a fan of.  Just nice to see a change!)


Katy Perry‘s lavender ombre is edgy, and classy in the best possible way.  It also happens to be a wig, which makes me smile!  Gone are the days of old-fashioned wigs that are recognizable from a mile away.  Did her hair fool you?!


Last but not least, Lady Gaga is really starting to impress me lately!  She’s still her unpredictable self, but I’m loving her journey back to planet Earth lately.  She looks lovely as ever with her icy blonde locks.  (Probably a wig as well, since she’s an avid lover of wigs.)


The Not-So-Winners: 2015 Best Grammy Hair

To start the list of my not-so-winners, Sia and her massive do are definitely a don’t.  She’s trying to make a statement, and I just don’t get it.


Iggy Azalea tried to sport a braid, and it’s just a little too much braid in my opinion.  I’m a fan of using them as an accessory, but when your entire style is a braided crown, it’s a little too kid-like of a look for my taste.


As for Miley Cyrus and Katharine Mcphee, they are sporting the wet look that has dominated the runways the past several years.  I have the hardest time getting behind this trend because in my honest opinion, it leaves the girls looking like they swam instead of drove to the event.  Not my favorite!