Committing to a hair style with bangs is a big deal, so sometimes it is best to see if you dig the change in your style before actually making the cut.

Clip in bangs extensions in Dallas are a great option to preview the change before you cut your own hair. My two favorite options for clip in bangs are the Jessica Simpson HairDo clip in Bangs, and EasiBangs by Easihair.

The Jessica Simpson HairDo Clip In Bangs are a synthetic option. As is the case with most synthetic pieces, the price point is pretty friendly: $50. These are a great way to try out and see if you like this type of system.


Clip In BangsAlthough the base can be a bit thick, they can be customized by a stylist to blend into your style.

The other option is EasiBangs by Easihair. This system is a human hair clip-in piece that I prefer much more than the HairDo system.

The EasiBangs run about $100, and given their human hair make-up, they tend to last much longer, and give more versatility than a synthetic piece. These can be flat ironed, and restyled with a curling iron, or a round brush.

Another thing I like about the Easibang is the base of the system is far less dense, and has a monofilament top that adds to the believability.


As is true with mose clip in bang systems, they are not a one size fits all product. They usually come out of the package bulky, and pretty long. It is best to have them set, styled, and trimmed by a stylist to perfectly fit your needs.

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