Dallas hair extensions

When it comes to hair extensions, we know what it takes to maintain their health and condition by using our favorite products for hair extensions.  Our recommended (and favorite) brush for hair extensions is The Wet Brush.  With its simple, yet genius design, it is offers great detangling of your natural hair, while not harming the hair extensions attachments.



Why we love The Wet Brush

The Wet Brush can be used on wet or dry hair and is perfect for all hair types. It features a soft, non-slip rubber grip for a secure, comfortable hold, and is very lightweight.  The Intelli-flex bristles move and flex through tangles, and hair extensions attachments.  Normal brushes have stiff bristles that rake through tangles which can cause hair breakage, and can tug on your hair extensions.  This brush works very gently, yet effectively without the risk of damage.

Wet Hair Tips

Pro tip: We recommend using your wet brush when doing a pre-shampoo treatment, hair masque, or even after applying your hair products to your hair.  The soft, flexible bristles are great at making sure you dispense the product to all of your strands.  This ensures even coverage, and optimal results of the conditioner, masque, or styling products you are using.

Check out this video on The Wet Brush