As a Dallas hair color specialist,  I prefer to use Wella Koleston Perfect for permenant hair color.  Who is Wella, and why do I use their product at a wella hair salon dallas?  Here is a simplified look at Wella hair color in Dallas.


Who is Wella, and what is Koleston Perfect?


Wella is one of the oldest hair care companies in the world.  Beginning in the 1880’s, Wella has been groundbreaking and an industry standard in regards to hair color.  They offer several brands, from consumer to professional, that are known throughout the world.


There are several types of hair color, such as permanent, demi-permanent, demi-plus, and semi-permanent.  Koleston Perfect is the professional permanent hair color by Wella.  It has won the American stylist choice award a dozen years and is the brand of choice by many stylists worldwide.


Why do I use Wella Professional?


There are several reasons I prefer using Wella hair color, such as:


* Customization – Wella is known for their range of hair colors that allow me to offer every client a very customized hair color.  From rich naturals, vibrant reds, deep browns, special blondes, and everything in-between.

* Consistency – There is never any inconsistencies in Koleston Perfect hair color.  As a hair color specialist, I know I never have to worry when doing hair color on a client.

* Full Pigments – Wella hair color offers very dense and color-packed hair colors.  Whether you are looking for gray coverage, or a rich blonde, their hair color is packed with color molecules to minimize fading.


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