Dallas hair extensions

After an inferno summer from you know where, fall is quickly approaching! You know what that means… tone down that blonde, and throw in some highlights. Or, for the brunettes it’s time to throw in some caramel highlights or do a color gloss to enrich your color. I have put together my list of Fall Dallas Hair Style Tips.

* Casual Styles
If your hair was curled with a hot tool the previous day, don’t wash your hair and start from scratch! Make that second day curl into today’s style. Pull your hair up, do a little teasing, or throw some bobby pins in to make a messy updo. Fall 2011 hair trends are a direct reflection of our economy: messy, imperfect, with no set purpose.

* Braids
Braids are back in full swing, and they’re evolving into many different styles. No, I’m not talking about that kind your mother did that gave you an awful headache, and crow’s feet 30 years later. Loose, messy braids are in. Try braiding your bangs, or a very loose braid to one side. For the advanced stylers, try a fish tail braid.

* Honey Colored Highlights
This would be for the brunettes. Instead of a solid all over color, throw in some highlights to give your hair some interest. Nothing chunky, or bold. A partial foil with fine pieces of caramel can really make your color look rich, and give your style dimension.

* Thick Bangs
We’ve seen this trend for a while now, but it’s still holding strong. Thick bangs really draw attention to your face, and can be a great, simple way to change your style.

* Elegant Ponytail
If you’re going to a cocktail party, or out on a night out on the town a ponytail can really be perfect. You don’t just want to throw your ponytail up and go about your way. Throw some curls in your hair to give it body. Once you’ve curled your hair, brush it all out and put it in your ponytail.

* Headbands
Headbands are making their way back. If you’ve noticed the 70’s inspiration in the latest style trends from fashion weeks, you’ll understand this style. Easihair makes a headbands that are synthetic braided hair. They come in different colors so you can match your hair color and it’s a gorgeous way to accentuate your style.

* Messy Up-Do
Like I said earlier, if you spend time styling your hair (other than a flat iron) then you should make that style last a few days. On the second day, after having round brushed, curled, hot rollers, dust off your bobby pins and put them to use. Try pulling your hair to one side, and roll curls into your hair and pin them up. You’re not looking to match your 1990 prom up-do, so don’t shoot for perfection. Remember, casual styles are in.

* Wigs
Last but not least, wigs. They’ve been a bit of a taboo for the longest time but I think they’re really starting to make their way into the mainstream. Wigs aren’t always those plastic things you see at the Halloween costume store. You can now get really great wigs that are as close to your color, and style as possible. Plus, they can be customized to further match your style. If you’re not feeling up to the daunting task of styling your hair, throw on the wig and go.