Dallas hair extensions

Working at a Dallas Wella color salon, I prefer to use Wella Color Touch for demi-permenant hair color.  Who is Wella, and why do I use their product?  Here is a simplified look at Wella hair color in Dallas.


Who is Wella, and what is Color Touch?


Wella is one of the oldest hair care companies in the world.  Beginning in the 1880’s, Wella has been groundbreaking and an industry standard in regards to hair color.  They offer several brands, from consumer to professional, that are known throughout the world.


There are several types of hair color, such as permanent, demi-permanent, demi-plus, and semi-permanent.  Color Touch is the professional demi-permanent hair color by Wella.  This is more than just a hair color, color touch is packed full of ingredients that leave your strands full of condition and shine.


What is Demi-Permanent Hair Color?


Demi-permanent hair color is deposit-only hair color.  It does not completely cover gray, but it will blend gray up to 50%.  This is great for someone who wants dimension when covering their gray hair color rather than a solid hair color.


Demi-permanent is also great for low-lighting, refreshing the color of your ends, toning blondes, or doing a color gloss service.  Demi-permanent hair color is great for these services because its light ammonia/peroxide levels offer the safest amount of processing on your strands.


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