Dallas hair extensions

A great hair loss solution for someone experiencing fine or thin hair on the top of your head, Onrite Gemtress brand offers several hair loss solutions in Dallas.  Onrite Gemtress has several solutions for affordable hair replacement that I offer as a Dallas hair replacement specialist.  Beyond integrated systems, they also offer human hair wigs.


How it works


Much like the microline, and Evolve Volumizer, these are integrated systems for top of the head volume.  Each system has a netted design that allows your own natural hair to integrate with the additional hair from the volumizers.  The end result is a seamless and blended hair style.  Onrite Gemtress works with great quality human hair that are able to be styled just like your own for an incredibly natural look.


Onrite Gemtress volumizers are applied using no heat, glue, or adhesives.  Micro-link cylinders are used to secure your natural hair to the volumizer.  Once applied, the volumizer is maintained in the salon every 4-6 weeks to make sure it remains safe and secure.   There is no harsh solution or heat needed to remove the links during maintenance, making the Onrite Gemtress a safe solution to your fine or thinning hair in Dallas.


Beyond their integrated volumizers, Onrite Gemtress offers a full line of customizeable wigs for someone who is experiencing hair loss beyond what a volumizer can help solve.




Onrite Gemtress Volumizer: $750

1st Application: $500

Maintenance/Reapplication: $125


See this video for more information on the Onrite Gemtress hair replacement options: