For someone looking for clip in top extensions in Dallas, the Jon Reneau mono top is a great option.  This clip-in hair extension system is great for someone who is looking for temporary addition of volume and density on top of the head.  This system gives coverage from the front hairline to the crown.




How it works


The Jon Reneau mono top uses pressure sensitive clips to secure itself to your own natural hair.  The hair is attached to a monofilament lace-front base that creates a natural appearance of a dense scalp.  It comes in two lengths, medium and long.




Once we match your color and order the piece, we then schedule a customization appointment.  In this appointment, I make sure you are comfortable putting the mono-top in and taking it out.  We will also do a blending haircut to make sure it seamlessly blends into your style.





Jon Reneau Mono Top: COMING SOON


Customization: $75