• We have 3 tiers of Stylists based on their skill level and experience with us at Bigger Better Hair.  We stand behind all of our services with the same guarantee, but while our most recent stylists build their business we discount their services higher.

Tier 1 Stylists: Our newest team members offering services at a 30% discount.  At this time, we do not have any Tier I stylists offering services. 

Tier 2 Stylists: Our Junior Team of Stylists offering services at a 10% Off.

Tier 3 Stylists: Our Senior Team of Stylists offering services at full price.Our newest team of stylists offering services at a 30% off.

  • Specials can not be combined with any other discount, so if you have two discounts offers we will honor the one that benefits you the most.


Hair Salon Discount Near Me in Dallas, TX | Bigger Better Hair

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