Our newest obsession are the Halo Couture Hair extensions in Dallas!  They are a temporary extensions you take in and take out whenever you want to amp up your style.  With the halo couture, there are no clips and the whole system is fool-proof, and very simple for anyone looking for extra fullness or length.




How it works

As you can see from the pictures, the Halo Couture Extensions sit on top of your head just like a halo. The miracle wire sits about one to three inches behind your hairline/bangs and the back of the hair extensions slides down the back of your head to your nape. After you gently pull your hair up from underneath the halo to cover the piece, the weight of your hair lying on top of the halo will keep it secure and disguise it within your style.


Wearing them is unbelievably comfortable, and the potential for damage is as close to zero as possible since there are no clips to tug on your hair. It comes in several lengths so you can either wear it to fill in your hair and add volume, or you can get the longer lengths to add length. If you are looking to add extreme length, wearing multiple pieces and stacking them is definitely an option.

Quality & Care

The Halo Couture hair extensions are 100% remy human hair, meaning they are of the best quality. You can use flat irons or curling irons to style the halo hair just like your own so the system always looks incredibly believable.


Caring for these extensions are incredibly simple. They will need to be shampoo and conditioned on an as needed basis. Proper hair extension care products are recommended to take care of the quality of hair as is the case with all hair extensions.

Original Halo Couture

Halo Couture Lengths

Lengths Available: 12″, 16″ 20″ 24″

Hair Density/Weight: 70-120 grams of hair

Stylist Tip: The Original Halo is best if you are looking to fill in your style, and not add any length. This halo has less hair than the Layered Halo Couture, so it is ideal for adding extra thickness to your hair.  If you are looking to add length to your style, we suggest the layered halo couture option.  

Layered Halo Couture

View More: http://butchowensphotography.pass.us/halocouture

Lengths Available: 14″, 18″ 22″

Hair Density/Weight: 100-165 grams of hair

Stylist Tip: The Layered Halo is best if you are looking to add length to your style.  Each length has more hair when compared with an original halo.  It also comes lightly layered, which means minimal cutting is required, resulting in your having more hair to fill in the extra length you are adding to your style