Dallas Hair Salon Treatments @Biggerbetterhair

Brazilian blowout, keratin and smoothing treatments in Dallas are something that are almost a necessity because of the summer heat and humidity in Texas. There are treatments that smooth and straighten hair, help off-set frizz, or mend chemical and/or heat damaged. Here are a few answers to the most common questions I am asked about hair treatments in Dallas.

Q: What is the difference in a deep conditioner at home, and in the salon?
A: Professional in-salon deep conditioners add proteins and silicones that penetrate your hair and help off-set your particular issue. Prescribing the appropriate deep-conditioner, and using the correct amount of heat can make or break the results you get. There is a clear difference in chemical and heat damage, and each needs different ingredients to truly help condition.

Q: What does a Brazilian blowout do?
A: “Brazilian blowout” is actually the name of a brand that offers a smoothing treatment. When the Brazilian blowout product is applied to your hair it gives a lightweight coating to your strands that help fight frizz and tame curls. It also helps seal your hair from humidity and makes styling your hair much quicker/easier.

Q: What is a keratin treatment?
A: Keratin treatments are very similar to what the Brazilian blowout product does. They give a lightweight coating of keratin to your hair to help fight frizz, tame curls, and is a great way to help mend split or damaged ends.

Q: Are Brazilian or keratin treatments damaging to my own hair?
A: Absolutely not, when applied correctly. There has been a lot of press about chemicals in these products that has left many of us confused. As a hair stylist, I made a commitment for two years to not use any questionable treatments due to the concern of harsh chemicals. As of late, professional brands have re-formulated the products to remove any concern about chemicals and possible damage. I only work with brands who guarantee their ingredients and back me as a stylist that the product is damage-free.