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Brazilian blowout, keratin and smoothing treatments in Dallas are something that are almost a necessity because of the summer heat and humidity in Texas. There are treatments that smooth and straighten hair, help off-set frizz, or mend chemical and/or heat damaged. Here are a few answers to the most common questions I am asked about hair treatments in Dallas.

What is the difference in a deep conditioner at home, and in the salon?

  • Professional in-salon deep conditioners add proteins and silicones that penetrate your hair and help off-set your particular issue.
  • Prescribing the appropriate deep-conditioner, and using the correct amount of heat can make or break the results you get.
  • There is a clear difference in chemical and heat damage, and each needs different ingredients to truly help condition.

 What does a Brazilian blowout do?

  • “Brazilian blowout” is actually the name of a brand that offers a smoothing treatment.
  • When the Brazilian blowout product is applied to your hair it gives a lightweight coating to your strands that help fight frizz and tame curls.
  • Helps seal your hair from humidity and makes styling your hair much quicker/easier.

What is a keratin treatment?

  • Keratin treatments are very similar to what the Brazilian blowout product does.
  • They give a lightweight coating of keratin to your hair to help fight frizz, tame curls, and is a great way to help mend split or damaged ends.

Are Brazilian or keratin treatments damaging to my own hair?

  • Absolutely not, when applied correctly. There has been a lot of press about chemicals in these products that has left many of us confused.
  • As a hair stylist, I made a commitment for two years to not use any questionable treatments due to the concern of harsh chemicals. As of late, professional brands have re-formulated the products to remove any concern about chemicals and possible damage. I only work with brands who guarantee their ingredients and back me as a stylist that the product is damage-free.

What is the American Wave Perm? 

  • Tired of straight boring hair? This treatment is great for adding volume, beach waves, and curls.
  • The Arrojo American Wave is different from traditional perms by using innovative ionic lotion that penetrates the hair gently to reshape the hair cuticles.
  • This treatment provides a permanent wave and curl look that provides fullness, controls frizz, and adds texture.
  • Also long lasting and only needs to be re-done every three months. Tap here to learn more about the American Wave Perm. 

How does the Olaplex treatment work?

  • Olaplex is a great treatment to get when trying to achieve healthy blonde hair.
  • This service helps reduce or prevent damage when going lighter to keep your hair strong.
  • The Olaplex treatment works for all hair textures (natural, curly, fine, straight, etc.).
  • This treatment leaves you with hair that is stronger from the inside, repairing existing damage and working to prevent future damage when dyeing your hair. Tap here to learn more about our Olaplex treatment. 


Why use the Malibu Hair Treatment?

  • Malibu Treatment essentially prepares the hair for color by removing any build up from old color and chlorine from swimming.
  • This treatment can help your hair get a brighter outcome from your color service.
  • Hard water generally contains iron and calcium, this can make your hair lighter and take on a brassy or coppery hue.



What is B3 Demi Permanent Conditioner?

  • B3 Demi permanent conditioner provides intensive repair to extremely dry and damaged chemically treated hair.
  • This provides long-term conditioning for extremely dry, very damaged and chemically treated hair for up to 12 washes.

Why use the Split End Seal treatment?

  • Split ends can really ruin the length of your hair, but with split end treatment correction it will minimize and mend split ends to save some of your length
  • Clinically proven to restore, fortify, and preserve tresses of every shade

Still curious about which treatment to do for your hair? Tap here to book a consultation and a stylist will be able to give you the best recommendation on the treatment you should do to reach your hair goal.