Dallas hair extensions

What are Vomor hair extensions? They are a version of Tape hair extensions that are so popular right now. The difference with Vomor is they are exclusively done at Aveda salons. As a hair extension specialist in Dallas, tape in hair extensions are something I offer to many clients who want fuller thicker hair.  Here is why I recommend having your hair extensions in Dallas done by a specialist, instead of a national chain.


1.  Time and Experience = No Headaches and Damage

Being the new kid on the block, I welcome Aveda to the hair extensions game. I love hair, hair extensions, women who wear them, and people who do them well. Having said that, I know how many YEARS it takes to actually learn the in and outs of doing hair extensions well.


Applying hair extensions properly so as to not cause damage is something that takes years of practice.  While they are marketed to be damage free let me make it quite clear: every type of hair extensions can definitely cause damage if applied incorrectly, or to the wrong type of hair, and/or not properly maintained.  It takes years of experience to learn which extensions are best for different hair types.


 2.  My golden rule: One Size doesn’t fit all with Hair Extensions

My other issue is that Aveda is only doing one type of hair extensions for clients: Vomor tape in hair extensions. One of my golden rules for hair extensions is to always demand options, and never trust a one size fits all approach.   When someone only does one type of hair extensions, you should get out of the chair and run! There is no one-size-fits-all hair extension system. Think of the logic: Does it make sense to put the same type of extensions on someone with thick curly hair as you would on very fine thin hair?


 All in all, I will sum it up by explaining my thoughts on Vomor tape-in hair extensions. While tape in hair extensions are great for a specific client,  it’s best to work with a extension specialist who uses several types and brands of hair extensions.In my honest opinion, having worked with several brands of hair extensions (including a tape in method) having options is the best way to go about hair extensions. When you have options in attachment method: clip, tape, links, fusion, wefts, you can really get a customized solution that best suits your own natural hair type.  


In other words: do your research, and look for a hair extension specialist who offers options in your area.