Dallas hair extensions

My name is Brandon Stephens, and I am a Dallas Hair Extensions Expert.  Finding the best hair stylist in Dallas can be a daunting task in this giant metroplex full of 6.3 million people. 


I am currently providing hair extensions services at the best hair salon in Dallas nestled in between Uptown and Highland Park.  While my main focus are Dallas hair extensions and hair color, I provide full salon services to my clients in the salon.  


Be sure to check out my Dallas Hair Extensions Expert Guide before you make your choice for hair extensions.  I work with several brands, and am trained and certified in every hair extension type on the market.  My goal is to provide several options that suit every hair type, lifestyle, and budget.


I also focus on in-salon hair replacement options for women experiencing hair loss or fine thin hair on top.  Integrated hair pieces that are professionally applied and worn on a daily basis, and routinely maintained in the salon.  These hair systems are an amazing way to transform your look with a voluminous hair style.  For a look into these professional hair pieces in Dallas, check out my guide to Hair Replacement in Dallas.