Dallas hair extensions

If we all were Kardashian’s with a stylist doing our hair everyday, clip in’s would be amazing.  But we’re not, and they aren’t cool anymore.  I mean, who hasn’t tried to do the perfect sections for a clip in, and experienced that clip-in headache?  If that’s what someone wants, we’re here to help you find the best set!  But in all honesty, if it comes to it, all of our stylists agree:  Hidden Crown Hair Extensions are the absolute best In&Out option of hair extensions!  There’s no comparison whatsoever.  Here are some things we love about Hidden Crown Halo Extensions, and tips from a Hidden Crown Hair Extensions Dallas Hair Stylist.


What is a Halo or Hidden Crown Extension?

One weft of hair that sits temple to temple using the shape of your head, your hair over the weft, and a nearly invisible wire that holds it in place from the top of your head.

If you have ever worn clip-in extensions, what makes them uncomfortable are the clips which grip on to your hair and the weight of the wefts pulls your hair.  Oh, and let’s not forget the constant concern of clips slipping from your hair.

Hidden Crown Halo extensions sit on your head comfortably, and can be installed super easily by even the most hair illiterate.  (That’s where we step in with our customization & tutorial service)

We offer complimentary consultations to help guide you to the best product from the brand that suits your hair type, length, and end goal.  Then, usually 2-3 days after ordering, we customize your halo at a separate appointment by perfectly sizing it, and cutting it for a perfect blend.  In the In&Out extension customization appointment we completely show you the “in’s and out’s” of wearing, styling, and installing your halo.  If, in the odd chance your halo needs a perfect color blend by one of our stylists, we will let you know at your customization appointment beforehand.  (This is very rare, btw.  99% of the time there is a perfect color match.  But we are a no-suprises salon!)   As with all of our hair extensions services, we guarantee color match, blending haircut, and resizing.


What to Expect

Hidden Crown Halo extensions are a great option if you are looking to quickly put on and take out your extensions on an “as needed” basis.  They can be worn daily without risk of damage and are very easy to install, and maintain.  In our experience, someone is either looking for salon installed, or in&out extensions, so this is something for you to consider about Hidden Crown’s.  They are the best option for someone looking to take in and out, but no in&out extension gives all the perks of salon installed extensions.


What Lengths are Available?

Halo / Hidden Crown Extensions come in 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, and 24″ long.  They also come in different densities, from a natural tapered end to a double density fullness.  Different brands offer different price points, color options, and halo styles.  In a free consultation appointment, we will show you the differences, talk out your needs, and show you exact prices for the halo that matches what you need.


Do you carry Halo’s in stock?

We keep different lengths, and densities in stock to help show you the differences.  Since there are so many lengths, densities, and color options, it is impossible to have every halo in stock at all times.  We do our best to expedite the delivery after order, and we normally can schedule your customization 3 days after your consultation.  Overnight shipping is an additional charge based on carrier rates.