Dallas hair extensions

We take pride in the gorgeous hair that leaves our salon on a daily basis.  We offer a Dallas Hair Extensions Free Consultation to take a hands on look at your hair, and offer our best advice on the type of hair extensions that will best suit your natural hair.  We also explain the maintenance, cost, and upkeep of the extensions as we guide you to the best fit for your own hair, and desired look.

We try to help you better understand our Dallas Hair Extensions services on our hair extensions guide page.  We do our best to offer a simple, honest, and consistent hair extensions service before you get in the salon, during your Dallas hair extensions free consultation, and each and every time you visit the salon.

What to Expect During Your Consultation

Options |  We offer several types of hair extensions so there are options for every hair type, lifestyle, and budget.  Any time you are sold on a one-size-fits-all hair extension you should run.  Each type of hair extension serves a different purpose and we make sure to offer every type available so we can correctly suggest the best extensions for your hair.

Cost |  One thing we make sure of, is giving clear cost expectations during your hair extensions consultation.  We will go over the total cost, products needed, and maintenance that is required for your hair extensions.  We want you to feel confident about what you are purchasing without worrying about any hidden costs.  There are no hidden fees, costs, or surprises in our pricing.

Maintenance | Hair extensions require at home, and in-salon maintenance.  In your consultation, we make sure to answer any questions you may have and inform you of the maintenance your hair extensions need.

Products | This may be obvious, but you must have certain products for hair extensions.  Using the right products can be the difference of loving your hair extensions or hating them.