One of the biggest memories everyone keeps from high school is their prom night. Your prom hair style in Dallas is almost as important as the dress you choose to wear.  Hair extensions for prom in Dallas are a great way to add long hair styles or extra fullness to your prom hair style in Dallas.

Some of my favorite clip in hair extensions for prom are the Balmain Clip-in and Halo Couture clipless systems. Each serves a different purpose and give you ease of putting in and taking out your style.   Check out my Dallas Clip-In hair extension guide for options and details.

If you want the best customization and to not have to worry about clipping-in your hair during your prom, then you may want to consider professional hair extensions. The benefit to wearing permanent hair extensions is you have ultimate flexibility with your hair style. Since permanent hair extensions are customized to your own hair type, you have more versatility when styling.  For more information, check out my guide to professional hair extensions in Dallas.

Wearing hair extensions can add amazing length so your hair is long and luxurious even when curled. For prom hair in Dallas, I offer several options that are free of damage to your own hair.  The best thing to do is to book a free hair extension consultation where I can show you options that best suit your hair type and desired look.