Dallas hair extensions

Being a top hair stylist in Dallas requires that I  stay current with trends and continuously master my craft. Each year I do what I can to educate myself, further my knowledge, and perfect my skills. I recently took a trip to Chicago for the Aquage Master Class Academy to do just that. Surrounded by educators from all parts of the industry with tons of awards, and accolades, I left feeling newly inspired about my passion, which just so happens to be my career.


Luis Alvarez is the host of the two day (18+ hours) academy. Luis is VP of Creative & Education and cofounder of Aquage. He was named one of the Top 75 Educators of the century and one of the Top 50 Most Influential Hairdressers by Modern Salon. Not to mention being honored by Intercoiffure with the Knight of the Ordre de la Chevalerie in Paris. These two are just the tip of the staff, all of which have awards recognizable throughout the industry.


The instructors names are some of the whos who in our field. Ann Bray, for instance, is the United States ultimate master of hair styling and finishing. She is a long hair NAHA award winner and winner of Intercoiffures Createur de Mode award. NAHA, for anyone outside of the industry, is basically the Golden Globes of hair styling.


Upon arrival, I felt the energy of Chicago as anyone who has ever visited or lived there knows about. We focused on new hair cutting techniques that create versatile options for the client. A lot of clients I see for the firs time have complaints of being stuck with their current hair style. This class highlighted ways to cut and blend while giving the client the most time without needing to come back in for a hair cut because it was being unruly. It also focused on ways to allow a person to change their parts, do different styles, wear it curly or straight, all while the style maintained its perfection.


As for hair styling, we focused on building texture, and giving the hair enough pliant strength to maintain its style. Not only did we do avant garde styles, we did every day styles that clients would wear on a daily basis. We perfected new curling techniques that will set you apart from everyone else, all while maintaining current trends.


As I said earlier, I left this class feeling inspired to do more for my clients, and to do better on a daily basis. It is things like this that keep me going and set the standard for my clients. I refuse to be the hair stylist that I seem to hear about from new clients. The one who doesnt listen, or who is doing the same thing since 20 years ago. I strive to offer the best, do the best, and give my clients the best results for what they are looking for, with respect to the integrity of their hair, and up to date with current trends.