Dallas hair extensions

Chunky highlights don’t necessarily need to look like thick stripes within your hair color. In the 90’s thick stripes were in, but it’s now 2012 and those highlights aren’t acceptable anymore. You can still get chunky highlights, though, that look current and classy.


The above pictures represent past trends that have come and gone. (Hopefully for good.) If your colorist is still doing your color in a manner that resembles this, it’s time for a change. As the days pass, so do the trends and it is your hair stylist’s obligation to stay up to date with the latest techniques. If you’re sporting the same do as you were ten years ago, try something new. If your stylist is unable to do that for you, it’s time to move on.


Above, you see pictures of more current chunky highlights. Current trends shy away from the striped look of having vertical lines in your hair. Try out a peek-a-boo highlight that shows off thick chunks of colors within your layers. As is true with most things, Less is always more!

-Brandon Stephens