When shopping for hair extensions and wigs you will see options that are labeled Human Hair, Synthetic Hair, and Heat Friendly Synthetic Hair extensions and wigs.  We all know what human hair is, but here we will touch on the differences between human hair, synthetic hair, and heat friendly synthetic hair.  Here is our FAQ and answers to your questions about synthetic hair extensions and wigs.

Human Hair

Human hair extensions and wigs are made from real human hair that is identical to the hair that grows on our own selves. It can be washed, heat styled, over and over until the hair is over-processed and needs to be replaced. For professionally installed hair extensions, the only option to ever consider is a human hair version. This is an absolute must because we have to wash our hair, and you will most likely heat style your hair regularly. Both synthetic options are not intended for such use.

What are Synthetic Hair Extensions and Wigs made of?

Synthetic hair extensions and wigs are made from non-human materials that mimic the look and feel of natural hair. They are made from acrylic, nylon or polyesters that are heated and are thrusted out through special micro tubes that make the look and feel of individual hair fibers.

Why would you consider synthetic clip in extensions or wigs?
Synthetic hair is the most popular and most used type of hair extension and wig in the industry because they are affordable and reliable. Synthetic hair also offers ease-of-use because you can wear them without any styling effort because they come pre-styled. The style pattern (wavy, curly, straight etc.) are permanently set and will go back to its original shape even after washing.

With the advancement in technology, synthetic hair can now compete with the real thing. High quality synthetic hair (like kanekalon) can almost imitate the look and feel of protein-rich natural hair and fool even some of the most experienced hair stylists. As a matter of fact, you will not think of them as faux hair until you put it side by side a human hair for close inspection.

What is the difference between Synthetic and Heat Friendly Synthetic?

Both synthetic and heat friendly synthetic wigs and hair extensions are made from similar materials that are not human hair. The main difference is Synthetic hair can not tolerate the heat from hot tools like a blow dryer, curling iron, or flat iron. Heat friendly synthetics, however, are able to be blow dried, curled, and flat ironed to change the style on an as needed basis. Generally, heat friendly synthetics require a low-heat setting so as to not melt the fiber.

The benefit of a synthetic fiber is that you don’t ever have to worry about styling the hair. The drawback is you are limited to one style. This can also be seen as a benefit if you are looking for ease of use. Synthetic hair is the most simple of options since you aren’t required to style it to have a believable look.

The benefit of a heat friendly synthetic fiber is you have flexibility in the style and can alter it from one look to another using your hot tools. Some, who are looking for ease of use, can see this as a drawback since these fibers can require some styling after each wash to get the perfect style you chose when purchasing your hair extensions or wig.

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