Dallas hair extensions

Sebastian Cellophanes in Dallas are a great way colorizing glaze that adds shine, condition, and drama to your existing color.  Here is a simple look at Sebastian Cellophanes, and why I recommend them at the Dallas hair color salon.


What are Sebastian Cellophanes?


Cellophanes are an ammonia-free colorizing gloss that adds tone, shine, and condition to your strands.  This translucent hair color gives an intense amount of shine and dimension that accentuates your existing hair color.


When do you use Cellophanes?


When doing a color gloss service, Cellophanes are a fantastic way to add shine and condition.  They are also used when someone maintains a vivid red, or brunette because they offer process-free color refreshment.


How much is a color gloss?


If booked by itself, with a blow-dry, a color gloss service is: $70.

If booked as an add-on (with another service) a color gloss service is: $35.

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