Micro link hair extensions in Dallas are a method of adding length or volume to your own hair.  This type of hair extension gives very similar results as a hot fusion method, except there is no heat or glue used in the application.  Here is a simplified look at i-tip micro link hair extensions in Dallas.


What are I-tip or Micro link Hair Extensions?


This is another way of saying cold fusion.  These hair extensions are applied using a metal cylinder that integrates a small section of your hair, and adds the hair extensions inside the tube.  When the link/tube/cylinder is clamped closed the extensions remain adhered for 2-4 months.   After 2-4 months of wearing, the cylinders are re-opened and the extensions are moved up and re-clamped closed.  After that wearing period, the hair extensions are replaced with new hair.


Are they safe?


These hair extensions are ideal for someone with normal-medium hair type.   The silicone lining of each link protects your hair from the metal link.


How much do they cost?


For a professional opinion as to whether these are the best option for your natural hair, a free hair extensions consultation is suggested.  In this  appointment we can discuss what you are looking for and I will offer solutions that I recommend to you.  It is truly a no-pressure appointment that I require all new hair extensions to have so as to choose the best method for your hair, lifestyle, and budget.