If you are looking for hair replacement extensions, the Hairdreams Microline Hair Extensions System is designed for people experiencing balding or thinning hair on top.  Traditional hair extensions are designed to add volume and length, but can not be used on top of the head.  The Hairdreams Microline Hair Extensions System specifically addresses the need for extra fullness, scalp coverage, and more volume within your hairstyle.

Why We Love the Hairdreams Microline Hair Replacement System

The Microline Hair Replacement System features a net design that utilizes a combination of hair from the system, and your natural hair.  The combination of your hair and the microline hair increases your overall volume, and adds a significant amount of hair that creates coverage and hides your scalp.

Traditional hair extensions will not work on top of the head since they are designed to have hair that covers the attachment.  The Hairdreams Microline is a system we offer for hair replacement in Dallas.  It helps fill in density, and when integrated with your own natural hair, will create a very huge difference in fullness.

Hair Quality

Each Hairdreams microline integrated hair replacement piece is hand made with Hairdreams 7-star special quality hair. It is attached to your natural hair with tiny silicone lined beads that hold it firmly in place. Your own natural hair is integrated through a net structure that literally disappears as if it comes directly from your scalp.

Options | Standard & Custom

Standard Microline

Ideal for someone with normal thinning.  The standard net size is 6 in long, and 5 in wide, with 11 inch hair length.  A standard microline can come with small, or wide net structure depending on how much coverage is needed to achieve your desired look.

Custom Microline

This microline system is just like it sounds: custom ordered. Based on your own individual needs, this can be made to suit you perfectly. If you have an issue with balding on the entire top of your head, we can have your custom microline designed to help hide the bald areas with a material that looks just like scalp, instead of the standard net.  We can also make the overall size of the microline system longer, or wider depending on the area we are looking to cover.  Custom microline systems can be ordered in lengths up to 16″ long.

A custom microline is made to order, with a 4 month production time since they are hand made in Austria.  The following video helps explain the process in which a hairdreams Microline is made so you can better understand the process.

Maintenance & Upkeep

Once installed, the microline hair replacement system needs to be maintained in-salon every 3-4 weeks.  You alternate between two appointments, as we explain below:

Move-Up – 3-4 weeks after your first installation, this is a quick service that includes tightening the links that hold the system on to your own hair.

Removal/Re-Install – 3-4 weeks after a move-up appointment, you will need to have a removal/re-install appointment.  This includes completely removing the system, and re-installing it.

After 6-8 months of wear, the microline will need to be sent back to Hairdreams to be refurbished.  This ensures the net is always in pristine condition and the microline hair doesn’t prematurely shed.  Microline refurbishing takes 8-16 weeeks, so we always recommend having two microline hair replacment systems.  While one is being refurbished, you wear your other so you never go without.

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