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Dallas Top Volume Hair Extensions

Dallas Top Volume Hair Extensions

Being a hair extensions specialist, I get an overwhelming request for Dallas top volume hair extensions.  For someone who is experiencing hair loss, or they want more volume on their crown area, traditional hair extensions aren’t the right solution.   For a great addition of volume on the crown area, the Hairdreams Highline top volume hair extensions are a great system my clients love.


How does it work?

Feel free to check out my Dallas hair replacement guide for a detailed look at the hairdreams highline top volume hair extensions system.  Simply put, the highline is bonded to your natural hair (bottom side down) on your crown, then your hair is pulled through the netted design.  The end result is a significant addition of volume on your crown area, and the highline easily disappears without being visible.  To maintain the system, we re-install it every 6 weeks to keep it secure at all times.

Check out this after picture of a client who wears a highline on a daily basis.  The left shows it in her hair, and the right picture has a red arrow to help you find the actual highline system.  Even with the arrow, the system is vitrually undetectable!

For more information on other top volumizing hair extensions in Dallas, check out my Dallas Hair Replacement Guide.

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