Bridesmaid hair style in Dallas almost always require in-salon special event hair styling.  As a hair stylist in Dallas, I offer in-salon and on-site styling for special events like a wedding or prom.  Here is a simple look into in-salon special event styling:


What comes with an In-Salon Special Event Style?


Basically, this entails up to 1 hours in the salon so we can give as much attention to your special event style.   Most styles only take 45 minutes, but for special events like a wedding or prom I always set aside extra time.  I prefer to have plenty of time to mind the details and give you the perfect hair style for your special day.


Should you do a consultation?


Absolutely.  A consultation is always suggested before the actual day of your special event so we can discuss your look, and come up with the best plan of action.  Consultations are up to 30 minutes, and are free of charge.


Should you do a trial/mock style?


My opinion: yes. The best way to remove stress before the actual day is to do a trial hair style in the salon.  In doing it before the event, you can make sure you are pleased with the look and/or make any changes before your big day.  A trial is not required, and is totally up to you.


Price | Special Event Hair Styling

  • In-Salon Special Event Style $75
  • In-Salon Trial/Mock Style $50