Q: What is the difference in wigs in stores and the wigs you offer?

As a hair salon, we offer wig brands and collections that meet a certain level of standard.  Specializing in hair extensions and wigs, we are very comfortable with cutting and coloring any wig to match a desired look.  We are trained, certified, and practiced with many cap constructions, and brands so as to offer the best wig for every circumstance.  We offer much more than looking at pictures, or reading reviews will offer.

Q: Which is better:  Synthetic or Human Hair?  

A: Each serves a purpose, and this really can only be answered best during a consultation.  Human hair offers the look, feel, and versatility that our own hair does.  However, synthetic wigs come in different looks and feel, and can be a perfect solution in many instances.


Wig Services


Wig Consultation – We offer in salon consultations to answer any questions you may have about wigs, or to talk about cap constructions and options.  We also color match your hair to the appropriate wig for the perfect blend.

Wig Customization – Wig customization service includes cutting, styling, and helping size your wig for a perfect fit.

Wig Color Service – This service includes customized hair color for your wig.