Bridal Hair Specialists

Finding the best wedding hair stylist Dallas Bridal Specialist can seem daunting for a bride whose to-do list seems never-ending. If you are looking for a Dallas Bridal Specialist who is experienced in the best hair extensions, and hair styling in Dallas, we are here to help you enjoy your special day.

Our stylists are Dallas Bridal Specialists who are trained and experienced in hair extensions, hair styling, and our work has been featured on red carpet events, local charity gatherings and formal events including weddings.  We offer on site bridal services for you and your bridal party, and offer a salon experience with the convenience of traveling to your event.

Looking for a Hair Stylist to help with your Wedding Hair?

The best thing to do is to schedule a free consultation so we can discuss your thoughts, and determine whether having your style done in the salon or on site would be best. In a consultation we can go over your ideal looks, and come up with a game plan to pre-schedule the trial run and appointments well in advance.

What does “on site styling” mean?

We travel to you to do the styling instead of in the salon. When a group is needing their hair done, this can be much more convenient so everyone is styled in one location to keep things simple. Or even if you are just wanting to stay near your wedding venue, having me come to you can be the best option.

Which hair extensions are best for weddings?

This really depends on a couple of factors: your hair type, budget, and what you are looking for. For some brides I recommend clip-in hair extensions, and for some I suggest professionally applied types. What determines which would best really depends on when your bridal photos will be taken and how long you want to have fuller, or thicker hair for your special day. Much of this can be discussed in your free bridal consultation in the salon.

What is included with on-site styling services? 

We take care of everything so the last thing you have to worry about is your hair.  Our team is fully trained and ready to offer any type of style depending on your event.  From formal up-do’s, to polished styles, or high fashion styling.  We have in-salon, red carpet, editorial, and runway experience when it comes to styling.  When we come to an event, we offer half day, or full day styling to fit your needs.  A half day of styling includes 4 hours, and up to 5 styles.  Full day bookings include 8 hours, and up to 9 styles.

How do I schedule a wedding hair stylist?

We would love to work your event and help make you beautiful.  We prefer a consultation prior to working an event to help discuss your wedding look, and help offer guidance.  If an in-salon consultation is not possible, we at least prefer a verbal, or e-mail communication to ensure we come fully prepared to fulfill your styling needs.