Dallas hair extensions

Balmain Double hair weft extensions in Dallas are one of our client’s favorite hair extensions methods.   These 100% human hair weft extensions are perfect if you have normal to thick hair density.  Here is our professional review of Balmain Double Hair Weft Extensions that we use in our Dallas Hair Extensions Salon.

How they Work

Each DoubleHair weft is a 3.75 in. wide hand-knotted strip of 16 in. long human hair. (22″ length is also available) One DoubleHair panel has as much hair as 18 extensions and consists of 3 layers of hair.

Double Hair Weft Extensions are one of our clients’ favorites because they require no heat or glue to install.  The double hair weft extensions system is installed using a silicone lined hair extension tubes/beads.  When clamped down, these metal beads secure your hair to the extensions for a great grip without risk because of the silicone protection.

Why we Love Double hair Weft Extensions in Dallas

Double hair weft extensions are a bit thicker than most hair extensions, since they are double wefts.  This is something our clients love because they give a level of fullness and body that most other extensions don’t offer.

Each weft has a significant amount of hair, which means fewer extensions need to be added.  5 Doublewerfts is comparable to 100+ fusion bonds, which is always great.  Less is more with hair extensions, and these offer a lot of hair with such few pieces.

They are re-useable, and the hair quality is guaranteed by Balmain for 6 months.

Maintenance & Upkeep

Doubleweft extensions need in-salon maintenance every 5-7 weeks.  This is usally in line with hair color appointments.  After the initial application, the extensions rotate between these two services:

Move-Up Service – 5-7 weeks after installation, the extensions need to be moved up.  At this appointment, the beads are opened, we slide the beads up closer to your scalp to account for the new growth, and clamp them closed again.  We do this for all of the extensions so they are secured as close to your scalp and discreet.

Removal/Re-Install Service – 5-7 weeks after a Move-Up appointment, you will need a Removal/Re-Install service.  At this time, all of the extensions are completely removed from your head.  After color/shampoo/blowdry, we re-install the same hair using new beads.  This ensures there is no tangling, or over-stressing of the same hair strands for too long.

After 6 months of re-using the same wefts, new hair will need to be applied.