Dallas hair extensions

Working at one of the best hair extensions’ salon in Dallas, I am asked almost on a daily basis about Greatlengths strand by strand fusion hair extensions. Part of why so many people know about Great Lengths hair extensions is because the brand has such notoriety. Looking for more information from someone who specializes in Dallas hair extensions? Here’s the real deal…

I always start off any conversation about hair extensions by reminding you: there is NEVER a one-brand-fits-all method of hair extensions.  It is incredibly important to see a Dallas hair extension salon that offers several options based on your individual hair type. This is why the most important step in a successful, long term relationship with a hair extension stylist is the hair extension consultation.  At that time, you can tell the stylist what you are ultimately looking for out of hair extensions and they can show you what would best give those results for your natural hair type and lifestyle.


Having said that, I have worked with great lengths hair extensions for years.  As time has passed, and hair extensions have evolved I have opted to work with other brands with similar concepts.  My two biggest troubles with Greatlengths hair extensons are:


1.) Hair Quality – The quality of hair tends to be very inconsistent.   This is not something I can risk offering to clients.


2.) Attachment – The attachment is too strong for most hair types.  The bond material they use, in my professional opinion, is TOO strong.   On one  hand that sounds great, the last thing you want to worry about with hair extensions is them slipping, or not being durable enough. As important as that is, there is a definite point where too strong results in damage to your own natural hair when removing the extensions.


In my personal opinion, when recommending individual strands for someone, I prefer  Balmain or Hairdreams premium hair extensions. They last the same amount of time, hair quality is consistant, and removal is incredibly simple!


To sum up, I am not a fan of great lengths hair extensions.   The most important thing with wearing hair extensions is to choose the type that best suits your natural hair type and lifestyle so as to minimize any potential damage.  Given the advancement in technology and the availability of options, I recommend considering Balmain or Hairdreams for your hot fusion strands hair extensions in Dallas.  I am a fan of several different brands of hair extensions because they offer something unique for different types of hair texture, budget, and lifestyle.