Dallas hair extensions

Balmain Hair Extensions are veterans to the industry. Balmain Hair has been a supplier of extensions and hair care since 1975. The famous Balmain fashion house stands for a unique concept of elegance and style. All hair from Balmain is 100% human, remy hair that is offered in several lengths and textures.   Here is some information on the fusion strand method I offer in the salon:



How they Work

Using a bond that is vegetable oil based, these strands are individually softened and wrapped around your own hair to create a beautiful and natural addition of volume or length.   When the bond cools, it seals itself for a wearing period of around 4-5 months.  Fusion strands are ideal for someone with a lifestyle that requires versatile hair.  Since these are individually applied, putting your hair up in a pony tail or vigorous athletics are never an issue.

Balmain is notorious for consistency and the quality of hair in these hair extensions is much the same.  They are offered in 12″, 16″ and 22″ in length with textures of straight, natural straight, wavy, and curly.   This is ideal for someone with naturally wavy, or even kinky curly hair.

How Long Do They Last?

Balmain strands are adhered to your hair for up to 4-5 months.  Around the 4 month mark it becomes time to remove and replace the hair.


After having the extensions applied, every 6 weeks you will need to come in to the salon for a tidy cut. We will shampoo, blow-dry your hair and make sure there is no tangling and remove any natural shedding to prevent tangling. I will also trip any hair that has naturally shed, to keep from having the bonds tangle.

Every day at home you will need to take a minute or two to just make sure the bonds are separated. You will also need to regularly brush the bonds to make sure your new hair growth remains tangle-free.

How Long Does it Take to Put them In?

Application for volume generally takes 2 hours. For full length, anywhere from 3-4 hours.

Do they cause damage to your own hair?

When put on the right client, and they are maintained properly there should be absolutely no damage. This is where the importance of a hair extension consultation comes into play.

How much do they cost?

For a complete list of hair extension prices, please view our price menu.

Dallas hair extensions

I wanted to share some pictures showing hair extensions in Dallas, a true makeover on a client. With this client she has medium length hair, which falls around her shoulder blades. Her ultimate goal is thicker, fuller hair with 3-4 more inches of additional length.

Having red hair and extensions can be pretty tricky because there are so many shades of red hair color. With this client, we did a custom set of Klixtensions, and Balmain hair extensions. Along with coloring her hair, and throwing in a few caramel highlights, we added the extensions. As you can see from the end result, she has a beautiful mane of hair that’s naturally beautiful.

Dallas hair extensions

Looking for the best hair extensions in Dallas?  Coming from someone with several years of specializing in hair extensions and hair color, trust me: doing your research is VERY important.  Putting the trust in a stylist to do your hair extensions is a very big deal, and it’s best that you have a general idea before visiting a hair extensions salon in Dallas.


For an in depth look at hair extensions that add thickness and fullness to your fine hair, or add length and volume to your thick hair, check out my guide to hair extensions in Dallas.  Also, check out my salon menu for a detailed list of pricing for the best hair extensions in Dallas.