Professional Hair Products

Professional Hair Products

Because we offer specialized hair salon services in Dallas, we take pride in offering the highest quality professional haircare brands to compliment your hair extensions, and hair color.  The brands we work with, and offer in salon have been carefully selected to offer consistent results that you can see and feel in the condition of your hair, and to protect the investment you have made in your hair extensions and hair color.  Some of the professional hair product brands we offer in salon are:

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our commitment is to always guarantee the products we offer. If you purchase a product that you don’t love, we will always exchange it for another product that would better suit your needs. Hair extensions, gift certificates, and cancellation fees are not refundable.


Why purchase products at the salon?

It is our belief that the products you use on your hair play a huge role in the condition,  color retention, hair extensions life span, and overall appearance of your hair.  With that said, we always strive to offer thoughtful suggestions as to the perfect products that we believe will perfectly compliment your hair.  We have continuous education with the brands that we offer to learn new trends, techniques, product advances, and formulations.  These brands help support our craft, on top of offering stellar results on your hair.  Our clients see the direct results of the education we receive, because they are the beneficiaries of the hair services offered in salon.

We strive to do the opposite of what most people expect from a salon:  pushing products.  We have studied the products we offer, continuously attend education to stay current, and use the education provided to help better prescribe you the products that are the perfect compliment to your hair routine.  Today, more than ever, there are plenty of brands and hair products for you to choose from.  We offer a much higher level of service than the shelf at a big box store, or online shopping can offer you:  we work with, know, and respect your hair enough to only make suggestions we truly stand behind.