Best Dallas Hair Color Salon


Dallas Hair Color FAQ

Q. What makes you the Best Dallas Hair Color Salon? 

Between our 9 stylists, we have over 45 years of hair color education, and hands on experience.  We continuously attend advanced hair color mastery courses, and we commit to always evolving our techniques, brands, and offerings to give you the best customized hair color in Dallas. We always consider your skin tone, face shape, and desired result to give you the best results with minimal fading and damage. Our stylists offer root retouches, to customized highlights, double process colors, all the way to fashion vivid shades depending on your hair goals.  We also work collectively as a team to collaborate on giving each client the best possible hair color.


Q: How often should your color be maintained?

A: Hair grows around .5” every month, so this question really depends on how much darker or lighter your hair color is from your natural color. The bigger the difference, the quicker it will be noticeable: around 3-5 weeks. If your color is more natural and very close to your own, then you can generally get more time in between visits to the salon.


Q: Is it possible to go blonde without damaging your own hair?

A: Absolutely. Determining how blonde your highlights should be depends on your natural color, skin tone, and the current integrity of your hair. As a hair color specialist, we always offer professional advice and direction to provide you the color that best suits your palette, and exceed your expectations. However, under no circumstance will we compromise the health and integrity of your hair to achieve a certain look.  We also use Olaplex in all of our blonding services to ensure the health and integrity of your own hair.

Q: Why does my hair color always fade?

A: This is a question with multiple answers. In short, there are three main factors: Health, Color, and Products. The healthier your hair is the more it will keep your color’s vibrancy.If your strands are in distress, or your hot tools are too hot, you will notice your hair color and natural shine fade quicker than normal.



Last, but not least, are the products you use on your hair. Products absolutely play a huge role in the longevity of your color. Even if your grocery store shampoo is sulfate free they mostly use very harsh detergents that are very hard on hair color. If during summer pool season you aren’t using any kind of UV protection, the sun will do a number on your hair color. Just as our skin is sunburned, the sun does just as much damage to our hair. What ever your lifestyle may be, using the right products will either make or break not only your hair style, but also your hair color.