Dallas hair extensions

For someone looking for the best thin hair extensions in Dallas, I always recommend using a tape or fusion system.  This before and after picture shows my client who wanted a bit of length, but was mainly looking for more thickness and volume in her hair style.


Michelle did the full volume treatment of the tape in hair extensions for fine hair in Dallas. The two things that make tape hair extensions ideal for fine or thin hair are:

* Weight of panel – Each panel of tape is lightweight, but is adhered to more than enough of your own hair to support its weight.


* Removal – When the removal solution is applied to the panel, it very easily is removed from your hair unlike other hair extension systems.

With tape hair extensions, they are on a weft base which gives you more hair added with the use of fewer extensions.  With a strand by strand fusion method, you would require many more strands to achieve the same look as tape in hair extensions.

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