Sew In Braid Hair Extensions

Many people ask me about braid sew hair extensions in Dallas.  As a hair stylist specializing in hair extensions in Dallas I work with several hair extension brands, and attachment types.  Here is a look into my professional opinion on sew in braid hair extensions.


There are many types of hair extensions, and each serve a different purpose. Some are for thin hair, some for thick. Some for thick hair to only add volume, some for thin to only add length. Simply put: there is no one size fits all for every head of hair. This is why it is so important to choose a hair stylist that specializes in hair extensions and can show you multiple options based on your hair type and desired results.


How they work

Sew In Braid Hair Extensions in Dallas are usually installed by a tedious process.  First, your natural hair is very tightly braided in small sections to be used as the base.  The hair extensions are then be sewn into each corn row braid.


My Opinion:

Braiding hair in small corn rows puts an unbelievable amount of tension on your hair. Usually, this is done on very thick, coarse hair.   Even then, there is a very high risk of damage when done to the thickest hair. Most hair types are not strong enough to withstand long periods of extreme tension without breakage. Then, adding extra weight from a weft of hair extensions onto the braids creates even more stress to your own hair.


As a Dallas hair extension expert, I have seen many instances where someone is either trying to save money, or was advised into having braid sew in hair extensions applied. The damage that I have seen from this method leads me to be of the opinion that they are absolutely not a viable option for most women looking for hair extensions in Dallas.


All in all, braiding hair and sewing in hair extensions are not meant for most hair types. When given this as an option, my personal advice is to RUN.