Dallas hair extensions

In the fall of 2010 we saw celebrities sporting a new trend in hair color now known as the Ombre look. This look is starting to make its way to my clients, and I am starting to see people rocking Ombre hair color in Dallas. 


The Ombre look is a gorgeous, low maintenance way to show off highlights in the form of contrasting colors. When done right, the colors blend from dark to light in a way that shows no lines, and goes with the beachy, bohemian look of today’s hairstyles. The picture of Whitney Port and the other celebs are gorgeous representations of using color to create a flirtatiously feminine style that is actually low maintenance.


Bad Ombre 1 Bad Ombre



These pictures in represent the extreme side of ombre styles. They have taken the concept a bit too far, or literal, and the results are obvious. Finding the happy medium is usually when you see the better results. You don’t want to go from black hair to white ends, or for a look like you dipped your hair in dye. A smooth transition from a darker, to a softer light color is the best route to go.