2010 has come and gone, and as we all set our 2011 new year’s resolutions, why not set aside a bullet point to think about your “New Hair Solutions.” We all get our hair cut, and most of us get our hair colored, so it’s important to start off the year putting our best foot forward to look our best!

First, and foremost, let’s talk about loyalty. I, myself, learned this lesson the hard way firsthand. When I couldn’t get in to my normal hairdresser, I took the risk because I “needed” it that day. (Or, so I thought!) I went to someone new and got the worst haircut of my life. It was then and there that I declared, “I will always go to the same person hereafter!” When you find a hair stylist who speaks your language, and does a great job, don’t take the risk of reversing the progress.

Second, let’s each assess our style. Am I rocking the same style I was back when I graduated high school? Does it make me look as good as I possibly can? These are questions we should all be asking ourselves, and our hairdressers. It’s way too easy to get stuck in a moment, and we look back 10 years later and have the same do. Or, in this case, a don’t!

Now, let’s take a good look at the shampoo/conditioner in our shower. We can’t possibly expect our hair to look as good as it should, or our color to last as long as it should if we’re using Pantene, or Suave products! Furthermore, if we wonder why our hair was flat in 2010 let’s take a look at our styling products. This year lets take a chance on what our stylist recommends.

Last, but not least, let’s start off this year by taking the necessary steps towards fulfilling our New Years resolutions. Instead of creating a list of things to do each year, let’s make 2011 the year of accomplishment.