Dallas hair extensions

Ombre hair color in Dallas has gone from a bold trend to a unique new standard of hair color.  Traditional highlights in Dallas are something that have been around for a number of years, but Ombre color offers a completely different look for someone who is not looking for full strand (root-end) highlights.  Here is the 411 on Dallas Ombre hair color:


What is Ombre?


The pictures above are all examples of Ombre hair color.  Ombre means darker roots that transition to lighter ends.  This can be a very bold transition from extremely dark to extremely light, or it can be a very natural blend of your own root color to a natural amount of light on your ends.  Ombre simply refers to the concept of dark to light.  The degree of this transition is up to your interpretation and can be adapted to your desired result.


How is Ombre done?


There are several ways to do Ombre hair color, but I mostly do this technique using foil highlights and balayage highlights. The amount of highlights and/or lowlights that are needed depends on how drastic you want the transition to be.  The trend began with very bold Ombre, but current trends have evolved to be a much more natural transition.


Who is Ombre color best suited for?


Ombre hair color is a very versatile way to add highlights that aren’t full strand, which gives a very natural look.  They are a great option for someone who prefers a low-maintenance hair color, but doesn’t want to have a solid color.  This color generally works best for someone who mostly wears their hair wavy, curly, or with natural movement rather than pressed straight.


How much is Ombre hair color?


Much of this depends on the amount of time required to achieve your look.  In general, most Ombre hair colors cost $150-$200.


Maintenance is very sparse since the majority of highlights are on your ends.  Most people have their Ombre refreshed in the salon every 3-4 months.