Dallas hair extensions

Celebrity hair extensions tend to highlight the negative sides of hair extensions.  With celebrities changing their hair back and forth, they usually wear hair extensions to the extreme.  


We know Jennifer Lopez is a big fan of bigger better hair, but this video shows a funny mis-hap with a set of clip-in hair extensions gone rouge! Check out the video where she was performing at a concert and a clip in extension fell out of her hair.


I love JLo with hair extensions, but she needs to make sure they’re really secured if she is going to work the stage like that!

Dallas hair extensions

Today I’m starting a new trend following celebrity hair extensions in Dallas: “Love it or Weave it!” This is a fun way to focus on celebrity hair extension trends I absolutely LOVE, and some unbeWEAVEable looks we should leave- no, ‘weave’ behind!


Let’s start with the Weave it list:



Paris, Paris, Paris. With the amount of money we can all assume she spent on her hair, she should have just donated the hair to Locks of Love. A strand by strand, or hair locks, system is not the ideal set of hair extensions for her hair type. Furthermore, they were placed way too high on her head making it impossible to hide. Unbeweavable! Lindsay Lohan looks to have the same hair extension problem in the first photo. In the second picture of LLo, she has a serious color match issue! Check out the difference in her roots, and ends. Wowza! As for Christina Aguilera, she either lost track of her hair extension care products, or she is wearing a 100% Horse Hair Clip in System.


Now, on to my Love it list:


Juliana Rancic has been wearing extensions for quite some time, and as you can see she is always looking classy and her color is fashion forward. She’s a personal favorite of mine. Another fave of mine is Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer has a ton of weave in her hair and she takes the time to have it styled to perfection. Last, but not least, is a Dallas resident herself. Khloe Kardashian is a big fan of hair extensions, and I love it! She always has a tremendous amount of volume, and her hair looks well taken care of, and fashion forward.