Dallas hair extensions

Working in a Dallas hair salon, it is that time of year where my clients are itching for a change-up in their look. As winter blows in the winds of change, we tend to want a hair color that matches the season. Thinking about throwing in some darker low lights, or even taking the plunge and testing out that gorgeous brunette you have always wanted? Consider bangs and fringe, which are a quick and easy way to change up your look.


Anyone who lives in Dallas knows how brutal our summer can be. I will sometimes have clients who want to try out bangs mid-summer and my biggest bit of advice is: wait till it is cooler outside! The last thing most women in Dallas want is hair on their face, or neck during a hot and humid summer day. If you have naturally curly hair, as soon as your forehead gets the tiniest beads of sweat or humidity, they will kink up and your bangs become an unruly curled hot mess! Anytime you want to try something like fringe or bangs I suggest you do it when the weather is a bit cooler so you have a fair chance of liking them.


First and foremost, what are the differences between fringe and bangs? Nothing. Some people say fringe, some say bangs. Here are some things to consider before trying them out:

1. Are you willing to style them every day? For any type of bang to look its best, it takes some kind of heat styling. Whether it be round-brushing, curling, or using a flat iron, you will need to do something for them to lay like the picture you take your stylist.
2. Are you okay to have hair on your forehead all the time? This is something to consider. If jewelry on your wrist, or clingy sweaters bother you, will bangs on your forehead do the same?
3. What type of bangs are you looking for? Whether it be very few wispy bangs, or a very heavy blunt bang you should have some general idea of what you are looking for. Check out pictures and bring them with you to the salon. Always feel free to ask your stylist what he or she thinks.
4. Do you have a committed part? If not, are you willing to stick with a side should you want side swept bangs?
5. Always keep in mind clip-in hair extensions. There are several options for clip-in bangs that you can use to see whether you like the way you look and can deal with the style.


All in all, bangs are a great way to shake up your style and create great interest around your face. So long as you know they are a bit of a commitment, and do require some styling on a daily basis then you should give them a try. Check out pictures, and show your hair stylist what you like and do not. Good luck!