Dallas hair extensions

What’s next from the Kardashians? New Kardashian hair styles? The amount of money they reportedly made last year literally made my jaw DROP!

The family who reportedly made $65 million last year is notorious for making business deals that suppliment their lack of any real talent. I must admit, I definitely am one of the 4 million who tuned in to see the beautiful mess of a wedding between Kim Kardashian and Chris Humphrey. I’m also one of the 312 million people in this country who knew it wouldn’t last.

Just how do they make so much? Let’s see…

Getting Married
Kim’s wedding cost $10 million dollars, yet she made 15+ million. Yet according to her mother, she didn’t make a dime. Yeah….right!

Diet Pills
Remember those cheesy Quick Trim commercials? The diet pill reports $45 million in sales since their commercials aired.

Kim charges $25,000 just to mention a business on her twitter. And you thought you were cool, right? #NotSoCoolNow

Kim’s rate goes from $100,000-$500,000 inside the US. If she has to find her passport, that number goes up to the million(s).

Birthday Parties
Are you thankful for your Nana’s $25 check, and a bag of oranges you get for your birthday??? Try being paid to celebrate your birthday at a notorious club, or venue. The girls get up to $500,000 for hosting their birthday party at a club.

Clothing lines, shoe endorsements, tummy tuck endorsements, fragrances, clothing stores, books, magazines, baby/family photos. The list goes on.

All of this leads me to wonder… what’s next? Just as quick as they make their money, it seems they’re spending it. But that’s why we’re all “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” on E! I’m sure one of these days they will follow Jessica Simpson’s lead and have some endorsement deal with a line of hair extensions. If and when that happens, I’m eagerly awaiting to find out their secrets. Are you?

-Brandon Stephens