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Dallas Hair Styles and Trends come and go, and hair styles are a great way to track the change. As a Dallas hair extension and Dallas hair color expert, I get requests from clients on all the modern trends. Just 10 years ago all the rage was chunky, striped highlights. These days, I couldnt pay a client to replicate that style! Just for fun, lets look back at the Top 5 Trends I saw last year with my clients at Dallas best hair extension salon.


Partially Shaved Hair Styles



I am not sure if the 90s grunge scene made a resurrection without me knowing, but I could not wrap my mind around this one. On certain people with an edgy style, this is an awesome way to accessorize. However, when someone who dresses very preppy wants half of their head shaved I think it sends very strange mixed signals. There were a few times when I tried my hardest to talk someone out of doing this just because it did not match their look.


Know your look ladies, and know which trends do and do not fit into your style. Last but not least, think about growing out this style. At a measly half inch of growth a month, this could turn into several years of growing out.


Ombre Hair Color

It seems like 2012 was the year Dallas Ombre hair color really became mainstream, and clients wanted it left and right. Sadly, I probably saw more terrible renditions of this trend than I did good. Outside of the salon I would always find it unsightly when I saw black hair transitioning to white hair. I mean, lets be honest: Christina Aguilera passed up the trend so why would anyone want to try it now, 6 years later? Though when done well, wavy or curled hair had perfect pieces of a lighter color that seamlessly transitioned from darker to lighter.

I like this trend for the low-maintenance client who just wants some color without all the roots that come with it. For people with straighter hair, or who rarely rock their curls, this generally is not for you.

Short Hair Styles


2012 seemed to be a heck of a year for celebrities to chop of their locks! Just to name a few, remember Miley Cyrus, Anne Hathaway, and Natalie Portman. When a client requests such a change, I always turn the chair so we face each other and have a serious conversation. I always make sure it is coming from a good place instead of a rash emotional change. If we feel good about it, and you are willing to style your hair on a daily basis then I am ready!

Deep Side Parts


When looking at younger girl hair styles, I often wondered if 2012 was the year of tweens taking a turn cutting each others hair. I mean, there were some side parts that seemed to come from the side of their head. Being in my later 20s and part of the (early) Millennial generation, we have a term for that: Comb over. They are not cute, way too dramatic, and lets break it down to the simple things: who wants to constantly sift hair off their face like Justin Bieber? Lets hope we are seeing the last of that trend!

Braids, Twists, and Buns


Buns, twists, and braids will always be a part of hair styling. When done right, not overdone, they are a fantastic way to easily make your style look like it took way more effort than it actually did. I have mixed feelings on this 2012 hair trend as I look back on the year. Much like the Ombre, I feel like I saw just as many bad as I did good. Sometimes girls were over twisted, or had so many braids they looked like a basket weave, or their bun was so messy I questioned whether it was shabby chic or just dirty.


I look forward to see what this year brings for us! If you are comfortable with your personal style, there is no need to change it just because everyone else does. The best part about keeping up with the trends and is to see which you can incorporate into your daily style as you know what works best for your lifestyle. My advice is to at least give things a try, and keep what you like and toss the rest!

Dallas hair extensions

Natural hair styles in Dallas are often the hardest to achieve.  Want to know what separates the good and bad? The use of products. Which product best suits you, how much you use, and when you use it are crucial to any hair style. 2010 is proving to be the year that many girls are setting their flat irons aside. Having locks with body and a little curl is an easy, flirtatious way to glam up your look with ease.


First and foremost, let’s talk about products. Almost everyone needs to be using some kind of product to assist with their style. If you haven’t already heard about Moroccan Oil, it’s the perfect way to tame frizz, while adding the moisture your hair needs, and protecting it from all of the hot tools we use on a daily basis. (Blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons, hot rollers, etc.) Also, some kind of mousse, gel, or hair lotion will always help lock in the style you’re trying to achieve. You never want to use too much, as we don’t want this to look forced. A good tip is to always start small, and if you feel like you need more you can continuously add until the hair is saturated.


If you’re looking to have really tamed hair with a slight curl at the end, showing off your gorgeous long layers, a round brush will be your best friend. I suggest you use a dime size amount of Moroccan Oil, and a little bit of mousse to hold your style. When your hair gets almost completely dry but still has a little moisture in it, start round brushing your hair. It helps to clip your hair up and isolate each section you’re drying. When you’re drying your hair with the round brush, brush the hair straight up – perpendicular – to your head while turning the brush away from your face.


To lock your style, use a light hairspray that doesn’t make the hair look stiff, and allows it to still have movement. A great hairspray that supports this look is the Aquage Finishing Spray. You can also use this hairspray to tame flyaways. Holding the hairspray about 10 inches from your hair, lightly spray it and use a boars bristle brush to lock those loose locks into place.