Dallas hair extensions


What are they?

Tape Hair Extensions in Dallas are one of the most popular types of hair extensions our clients love!  Tape Hair Extensions are one of the easiest, most comfortable methods available. These human, remy hair extensions are a fantastic, non-damaging, and quick way to add volume,  and length.  Our Skinny Tape Hair Extensions are the thinnest base available, and are only offered at Bigger Better Hair in Dallas, TX.


Our Skinny Tape hair extensions in Dallas are thin panels of hair on a discreet weft, and use hypoallergenic surgical grade tape on a polyurethane base.  They come in bundles of 14 wefts, which make 7 complete extensions.  We offer 5 services for every extension method we offer at Bigger Better Hair.  Which service you need depends on the look you want to achieve.


Our Skinny Tape Services

Fill In Service (7 panels)

With only 7 panels, this system is rarely used. We recommend this service for someone who experienced a bad haircut, or has a hard time filling in the hair around their face.


Volume Service (14 panels)

This is one of the most popular systems. With 14 panels you see a significant addition of volume in your hair.  If length is added with this service, the ends will be very fine and tapered.  


Length & Volume (21 panels)

This is our other most popular service. 21 panels of our skinny tape extensions are when you start to really transform your hair and add length and volume.  This can offer a natural, but dramatic change in your length.  


XL Length & Volume Treatment (28 panels)

Anything is possible with 28 panels of our skinny tape extensions.  This is when we get into #instagram worth hair.  This amount of hair allows you to have a perfectly blended and beautifully full style.  


XXL Length & Volume Treatment (35 panels)

If you are looking for #biggerbetterhair this is the service.  This is for the girl who wants an extremely full, beautiful, long, and dense head of hair.  


How Long Do They Last?

Most clients wear they same hair for 6 months, with regular re-applications.  Once applied, the extensions are good for daily usage for 6-8 weeks.  After six to eight weeks (which usually falls within a time frame to refresh hair color) the extensions are removed. New tape is applied while the color processes, and the same hair is reapplied.  You re-use the same hair extensions multiple times until the hair needs replacing.


Why Choose Skinny Tape? 

Our Skinny tape hair extensions in Dallas are the bomb dot com. They are a fantastic way to amp up your hair style in a cost effective way. If you have a fine, or thin hair texture they are the absolute best method of hair extensions for you. The base is a very flat panel that is hardly noticed, extremely discreet, and are the most comfortable you can possibly wear.  This method of extensions comes with the least amount of drawbacks compared to any other type of extensions.  Last but not least, we are the only Dallas Hair Extensions Salon who carries Skinny Tape Extensions as they have been developed by our stylists, tested on our clients who have worn extensions for years.



Dallas hair extensions

I wanted to share some pictures showing hair extensions in Dallas, a true makeover on a client. With this client she has medium length hair, which falls around her shoulder blades. Her ultimate goal is thicker, fuller hair with 3-4 more inches of additional length.

Having red hair and extensions can be pretty tricky because there are so many shades of red hair color. With this client, we did a custom set of Klixtensions, and Balmain hair extensions. Along with coloring her hair, and throwing in a few caramel highlights, we added the extensions. As you can see from the end result, she has a beautiful mane of hair that’s naturally beautiful.