Dallas hair extensions

I wanted to share a few after pictures after I did hair extensions in Dallas with long hair on a client who has naturally shorter hair (chin length). In this particular instance, the client has very short hair and always envied long hair styles in Dallas. Her natural length falls right at her nape. She also has a naturally wavy hair texture, so we went with Klixtension hair extensions. Klix hair extensions come in two varieties: straight and wavy. To see the wavy extensions, check out a previous before and after photos of Sonia, whom we also applied wavy extensions to.



Given the nature of her hair, we went with the wavy extensions so she has an easy go-to style. In these pictures, I straightened them to perfect the blending in my hair cut. As you can see, she was able to get about 6 inches of extra length, and much more volume.


A lot of women worry about hair extensions looking natural, and I wanted to show you with these pictures that extensions, when done properly, can look just like a gorgeous Hollywood head of hair.