Dallas hair extensions

Each New Year brings a new start for us all. As we settle into 2013 hopefully we are doing more of what we did well last year, and less of the things we disliked. Let this be the year you keep up with the 2013 hair trends and 2013 hair styles. A lot of people set resolutions, and make a list of what they wish to achieve in the new year. If you have not already seen it, check out my past post about setting new hair solutions. If you are tired of having the same problems, it helps you set some new hair solutions that remedy those problems.

Instead of repeating my call for fixing your issues, this year I want to talk about bettering what you already love about your hair. Not everyone dislikes their hair, or needs help fixing it. Some of us just need tips to better our look that we already love. If this is you, here are some great tips and tricks to keep what you have, but look all the better.


Try something new

Coming from a Dallas hair extension expert, I am always up for a complete hair transformation! But, a lot of the time it is not necessary. If you normally flat iron your hair, start working in curls or waves. If you normally work with product and your natural curls, try changing it up and smoothing out your hair. Is the idea of curling your hair with a flat iron along the lines of speaking mandarin Chinese? Then learn how to do it!

Let this be the year you finally learn other styling tricks than your normal go-to looks. You will be surprised by all the compliments you can get by just changing how you style your hair. Changing from brunette to platinum blonde is a heck of a change, but figuring out how to curl your hair after wearing it straight for so long will incite just as many compliments. All without the color processing! My best advice for trying a new hair style, is NEVER to try something before you head out to something important. Always try something on dirty hair on a night you have extra time. That way if you are scared by the end result, you can just shampoo your hair and start over. Youtube videos are a great tool to watch people use something, so you can see the end result, and mimic their technique.


Use products wisely

I often have to remind my clients at Dallas best hair extension salon of the three most important things that require a great hair style. First is the cut, second is how you style it on a daily basis, and third are the products you use to style it. If any of those three things are off balance, it will show in your style.

While I, and any other hair professional, will always advocate the need for quality shampoo and conditioners, lets face the facts: they are not the miracle the grocery store brands like to portray in their commercials. Unless you are one of the very lucky, and very few, who can use a professional shampoo and conditioner, and your hair styles perfectly, you will need to use additional styling products.

Using products sold at a grocery store is not always bad, and I will never bash them all as a whole. Often times, they use the same, if not similar ingredients as salon and professional products. However, the major difference between those products and professional salon products is where each places their priorities. Most supermarket brands are created with price being the first priority. To save money, a manufacturer will use cheaper ingredients or less of the more expensive ones. Salon brands are created with performance being the top priority, so in my honest opinion you are much more likely to get better results from professional products.

My tip for you this year: take the advice from your hair stylist and really ask them what products they recommend for your hair to help you have the best style. The idea that they are pushy, and want you to buy as many products as you can is nonsense. If you wonder why your hair looks so great leaving the salon and is so hard to replicate at home. Just watch what products, and how many your stylist uses before styling you out.


With these tips, I wish you all the best of luck this year. Not only do I hope you all have the best hair, I hope you make all of your dreams a reality. Let this be the year where we all have more love, less heartache, lots of money, and not a single worry. Cheers!