Dallas hair extensions

Vibrant Red Hair color in Dallas is something that requires a trained eye, mutual understanding of which shade of red you are wanting, and regular maintenance at home with color care products.  Here is a simplified look at red hair color.


Which shade of red is best for you?


As you can see from the above pictures, red hair color is a very broad spectrum of shades that require a mutual understanding between you and the stylist.  From auburn, red browns, golden reds, violet red, natural red, all the way to vibrant reds – it is very important that you bring pictures to make sure your idea of what you want is understood.


Why does red hair color fade so fast?


The more vibrant the shade, the easier it is to fade.  This is true for any hair color even beyond reds.  The reason has to do with how much “unnatural” pigment is required to achieve your look.  If you are adding a bright fire engine red, this is something that our hair’s natural pigment does not generally have, and your hair color is relying mostly on artificial pigment.


The more natural your red hair color is, the longer it lasts and is easier to maintain.  That is because you are adding more natural colored pigments to those your hair naturally has – doubling the amount of pigments in that shade.


Red hair color requires more attention to color care products in order to maintain your color’s true tone.  Also, hot showers are great for relaxing but terrible for hair color.  Rinsing with tepid>cool water significantly helps the longevity of your color.


How much is red hair color?


This depends on what type of hair color your desired look requires.  For a full list of color charges, see my menu for Dallas hair color pricing.