Human Hair Wigs in Dallas are something I almost always recommend to clients looking for alternative hair.  The reason I recommend human hair over synthetic is because of its ability to be styled, and the more natural appearance they give.  Synthetic wigs are good for some people, but here is a look into why I almost always recommend Human Hair wigs in Dallas.


Why is human hair better?


Synthetic wigs are made of plastic fibers that are to resemble human hair.  The problem with synthetic hair is that it is overly shiny, and is not able to withstand most heat styling.  Human hair wigs offer the most versatile hair styles as you can change them as you see fit.  Human hair wigs also have a longer life, and last longer than synthetic.


How do I maintain Human Hair?


Wearing a human hair wig is something that needs shampoo, and style just as our own hair does.  Most of the time, the hair doesn’t need to be cleaned and styled on a daily basis.  You can either style the wig while you wear it, or you can style it on a stand – which ever is more comfortable for you.  Many times, clients will purchase more than one wig and will rotate wearing it while the other(s) is cleaned and styled in the salon.


How long does it last?


Depending on how often you wear, wash, and style the wig will determine its life.  In general, most human hair wigs will last between 6 months to 1 year.  If you choose to rotate through  multiple wigs, this life span obviously is reflected in the amount of times you actually wear and style the wig.


How much do they cost?


Since human hair is more of a luxury, the price reflects this when compared to synthetic.  Depending on the cap construction, length, and style, you can expect a human hair wig to cost from $400-$3,000.  For a true and accurate price quote, I recommend a free alternative hair consultation.