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Skinny Hand Tied Extensions | Only @Biggerbetterhair

Skinny Hand Tied Extensions | Only @Biggerbetterhair

As a Dallas hair stylist working behind the chair my clients are constantly wanting to know the latest color, cut, and extensions’ trends. I wanted to take some time to go over what Hand Tied Weft extensions are, so you can get an in depth look at the extensions I’m sure you’ve been hearing about lately.

What are Hand Tied Extensions?

Hand Tied Extensions use custom sized wefts and a silicone lined extension bead to secure the weft to your hair.

Depending on the look you’re going for we have it broken down into 4 different services:

  • Volume (2 Wefts): This service is good for those who are strictly looking for volume. This will add double the thickness to your hair.
  • Length and Volume (4 Wefts)
  • This service is for those who are wanting to add double the volume and a few inches of length.
  • XLength and Volume (6 Wefts) : For those who want to add crazy length, this is the best service for them. You can add 3-5 or so inches of length with this service.
  • XXLength and Volume (8 Wefts) : This is for someone who already has thick hair and wants to add crazy length and thickness.


There are two different ways that Hand Tied Extensions need to be maintained. Every 6-8 weeks you bounce between two maintenance appointments:

First, we do a Move Up appointment, which usually takes 1 hour, where we open the beadws pull your hair thgrough and re-secure the bead closer to your root.

Next, we do a Removal and Reinstall appointment, where we take everything out and re-install it just like we did during the new installation appointment.

We recommend maintaining hand tied extensions every 6-8 weeks depending on your color frequency and how fast your hair grows. Most clients wear the same hair for 6 months, some longer depending on how well you take care of your hair.

What we Love

  • This method is great for someone with medium to thick hair who wants to add slight length and volume.
  • We love Hand Tied Extensions because you wear so little hair but receive big results.
  • Ponytails are so easy to do and typically don’t take much effort to hide your extensions

Things to consider

  • Things to consider is that this hair can be a bit more bulky at the root and depending on how much hair you wear it can get bulky on your head.


Hand Tied extensions take anywhere from 1.5-2.5 hours to install depending on how much hair you have in. This time doesn’t vary from appointment to appointment as you do the same maintaining each time.


We offer 5 difference extension services depending on your desired look. Prices for this method range from $250-$1250 depending on the look that your service needs.

Based on the look you want and the hair you currently have we will suggest which of our five services will give you exactly what you’re looking for.

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Hand Tied Vs NBR

The biggest difference between Hand Tied extensions is Hand Tied utilizes more beads and more of your hair to hold on to the weft where as NBR uses less beads/hair and string where the weft is tied onto.

Hand Tied Vs Sew In

With hand tied extensions, to secure the weft to your hair, your stylist will tie knots in between each bead. With sew in’s there is a braid where the weft is sewn into.

Where can you get these extensions?

We offer Hand Tied Extensions at our salon, Bigger Better Hair here in Dallas. In fact, we use our very own Skinny Hand Tied Extensions – Only offered at our salon. They are slimmer, more discreet, and way more comfortable than other hand tied extensions offered by other salons.

If you think this extension method is something you are interested in, we offer complimentary consultations to help guide you to which extension method would work best for you.

You can schedule your consultation by phone, email or clicking this link > insert link to book w me (Sarah)

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