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When I meet someone for a Dallas hair extensions consultation, one of the first questions I am asked is “Do Hair Extensions Damage my Hair?”  This is a very serious question that I take to heart because keeping your hair in the best possible condition is my number one priority.  That’s why I work with several hair extension brands in Dallas so I can give options for every hair type.   Here is a look into whether hair extensions damage hair.


The type of hair extensions you should have really depends on your own natural hair.  (Check out my guide into the best hair extensions in Dallas.)  The extensions I recommend to someone with very fine hair normally will not work for someone with thick/coarse hair, and vice versa.   It is very important to have a set of hair extensions that are suited for your hair type.  Heavy attachments, and braiding, for example, are not meant for fine hair. In fact, they are a recipe for disaster on the wrong hair type.


Next, the amount of time you go in between visits to your extension expert helps avoid damage.  With each system, there are suggested intervals in which I recommend you visit the salon.  Some brands allow the same hair to be removed, and re-applied.   Some extensions stay on your strands for longer periods of time, but they also need in-salon maintenance.  If you follow the suggested time-frames I outline in my salon menu, and in our consultation, you should have no problems with damage.  


When you follow these basic rules, there is minimal chance of damaging your own natural hair.   I do everything I can to educate you on your extensions in the consultation, and during your installation.   I value long term relationships with clients, and I always avail myself should you ever have any questions or concerns.

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