The time has come to address a trend that has gone haywire: Feathers. What once was a cute, trendy idea is quickly becoming an overdone, tacky accessory that is quite the eye-sore. Here is the problem…


Bad Hair Extensions in DallasSupply and demand. Unfortunately the trendsetting feathers that were first to hit the markets were legitimately feathers that came from the tail of a rooster. Originally used for fly-fishing, they could be found at local fishing/outdoor stores.

It is obvious that farmers who sell the feathers at fishing stores had no clue the beauty industry was about to take over their market. Therefore, we see what is happening now: a shortage of the actual rooster feathers, and a surplus of synthetic, terrible look-a-like feathers.

Now it seems like people who want to make a quick buck are mustering up all the feathers they can find.


In fact, feather look-a-likes are even on the market!

In the end, you see feathers sticking out of someones hair like antennas, sometimes by the dozens. Then there is that girl with something that looks like a feather, or is it dirty hair??? Who knows.

As is often done with trends, over doing a certain thing is never a good thing. Take, for instance, Christina Aguilera and the platinum hair and red lipstick. Girl, let it go! And the everlasting leapord print mess. Lets not let feathers get to that point ladies. They came, and they are going. Don’t be the last to let go of a dwindling trend.

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